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Street art case study

While I had originally thought of researching how visual anthropologists use Flickr for their research, as I became more familiar with Flickr, the case of ‘street art’ seemed to become more interesting. Soren Mork Petersen’s great thesis on moblogging was also an encouragement to go in this direction.

Recently, other colleagues have also signaled their interest in street art as an object of knowledge:

Maxime Crépel works on folksonomies, especially the way people use tags. He works together with Christophe Prieur ( Liafa, Université Paris-Diderot) on Flickr tags with social network analysis and they have started to look at some streetart flickr groups.

Esther Milne’s (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia) query to the aoir-list made this work visible, when she called for materials on how graffiti and street artists use blogs, SNS, youtube etc to create artist based networks and communities.

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