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Network Realism at CYSWIK reunion

Last September, the Virtual Knowledge Studio hosted a cross-sector workshop around knowledge visualisation: CYSWIK (can you see what I know?). Six months later, we are holding an afternoon-long meeting to update each other on the various projects and budding collaborations that had emerged from the workshop: the perfect opportunity to tell everyone about this project. Rather than a print-on-large-paper poster, the format chosen was a looping show. The challenge is to give a very visual, stand alone taster of the concerns of the project.

Power point was used as a platform, which worked pretty well. There are actually lots of sub-sub-sub menus in the software that enable you to tailor animations, effects and timing. Still, in showing interaction with a website interface, something closer to animation software would have been more satisfying. (And I know this exists and can be done, as I’ve seen mac-carriers performing this at conferences). Something to explore further.

Eye candy from the show… extractcyswik


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Ready, set, …almost go!

Network Realism will officially start on 1 January 2009, and it is a pleasure to start this blog as part of the preparation for launching this new research. A lot has already been done to get this far, and it only makes sense to start off with a  big thanks to all the people on the people page!

A post-doc will soon  be appointed to the VKS and there are ongoing discussions about collaborations with scholars in other parts of the world. Should you have ideas about this project or about how to get involved with this topic, do get in touch (anne.beaulieu@vks.knaw.nl).

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