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What difference does a website make?

A website that presents the collection through gorgeous visuals is now considered a must for any self-respecting museum. Photographs of objects, of exhibitions and of the museum itself are increasingly frequent interfaces, linking museums, visitors, experts, collections. How are users engaged by these interfaces? Which skills and strategies are needed for this engagement? What are the consequences of visually mediated interfaces for users of digital knowledge in/about/from museums, archives, and other collections? These developments are discussed in terms of their consequences for how museums view their role in a recent article written with Sarah de Rijcke, Image as Interface: consequences for users of museum knowledge. It appears in a special issue of the journal Library Trends on ‘Involving Users in the Co-Construction of Digital Knowledge in Libraries, Archives, and Museums.’

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How to study a networked image

We are heading off to the 1st International Visual Methods Conference in Leeds, UK!

We will be part on a panel on Internet Research and Visual Methods. Our contribution will address how we have been studying images as networked objects. These (largely methodological) reflections will focus on three aspects of how we have been studying networked images:  interface, infrastructure and interaction.

Another aspect of the conference will be catching up with colleagues , contacting new ones and meeting some of the people behind the books.

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