Go walking with Funda?

A new application for high end mobile phones called Layar features the real estate database Funda (one of our 4 cases). By panning one’s mobile phone using the built-in camera, this application displays information on objects encountered. For example, by pointing the phone towards a row of houses, any property found in Funda will be highlighted on the screen, and the database entry further consulted.This site has a demo of Layar, which Sara Kjellberg kindly brought to our attention. Layars is currently directed to the Netherlands, and the Funda application will be launched at the beginning of July.

As the name hints, one can layer information onto the images on the mobile phone, so that one’s presence at a geographical point in a space becomes the interface to the database (together with the use of the right mobile phone and subscription!). If I ever get my hands on this, I’ll be very curious to see how the linking of objects viewed through the camera and those in the database in done. I can imagine that GIS information can be used to link the location of the phone and that this information can be used to draw information from the database on the general location. But this is rather coarse. Does image recognition enter the picture to refine the selection of information to be presented? At first blush, this seems like an overly complex computational challenge to be performed on the fly on a mobile phone. So how does it work?


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  1. Intriguing how the notion of augmented reality (SciFi movies, engineers) is developed here. The companies organizing boat tours in the Amsterdam canals are also quite interested in this. But will people who are looking for a house really start walking around? This may end up more like a fun application for historical and touristy information, more than a “serious” application (like the telephone in the past)? And if data are becoming seriously linked, how about ethical implications? Can one point the mobile to a person?

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