Zotero for Research

We have set up our research as a team ethnography (albeit a small team of two, so far) and have been sharing lots of ideas, readings and questions these past two months. Team ethnography is a topic that will undoubtedly come up regularly on this blog, as we’ve been noting it’s pleasures and difficulties– but also wondering about the surprising lack of exemplars in the literature we have been consulting (with the exception of HCI).

We have been consolidating our sharing practices by using Zotero via a joint project account.  As one of the tag lines on the Zotero website states, ‘citation management  is only the beginning’. We’re using this tool to share references,  notes on bibliographic entries and materials that are related to the project (plans, proposals, ppt presentations). We are also starting to use it to share fieldnotes and to archive websites of interests–two activities that are intensifying as we are about to start our fieldwork in two of the cases.

Zotero therefore straddles the empirical, conceptual and administrative work in this project. So far, we’ve been very pleased not only with the way our use of  Zotero supports many tasks that we were already doing with less friendly technologies, but also with the process of making explicit our work practices, assumptions and expectations about research that have accompanied the adoption of this tool.



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2 responses to “Zotero for Research

  1. Joost van Ellinkhuizen

    For some more literature on team research:

    Guest, G. & MacQueen, K., Handbook for Team-Based Qualitative Research, (2007) Oxford: AltaMira Press.

    Hope the suggestion is helpful,

    Warm regards,

  2. Dank je wel Joost! Any other suggestions of texts that report ethnographic work pursued in teams? And are you working in a team yourself?

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