Network Realism at CYSWIK reunion

Last September, the Virtual Knowledge Studio hosted a cross-sector workshop around knowledge visualisation: CYSWIK (can you see what I know?). Six months later, we are holding an afternoon-long meeting to update each other on the various projects and budding collaborations that had emerged from the workshop: the perfect opportunity to tell everyone about this project. Rather than a print-on-large-paper poster, the format chosen was a looping show. The challenge is to give a very visual, stand alone taster of the concerns of the project.

Power point was used as a platform, which worked pretty well. There are actually lots of sub-sub-sub menus in the software that enable you to tailor animations, effects and timing. Still, in showing interaction with a website interface, something closer to animation software would have been more satisfying. (And I know this exists and can be done, as I’ve seen mac-carriers performing this at conferences). Something to explore further.

Eye candy from the show… extractcyswik


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